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Hello everyone! Welcome to HKFU! I have suffered from overtime work life since graduating from university. Some of our colleagues shared the work-life balance working culture because of the protection of union. It is for sure that long working hours is one of the main issues of Hong Kong among financial industries. 

This matter hit the bottom of my heart, “why don’t Hong Kong employees deserve a  strong union to fight for the employee rights and interests? It’s time to change the culture and take more steps to achieve it. The idea of ​​organising a trade union came to mind.


Until the outbreak of the “Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement” in the summer of 2019, the Hong Kong people finally awakened on a large scale. I think that best timing to unite the Hong Kong people to move forward on the road to democracy, especially an organised political strike. Forming a union helps to gather peoples who share the same philosophy.

Therefore, we founded the Hong Kong Financial Industry General Employee Union (“HKFU”), hoping to take one step further. Here, I am glad to invite everyone to take up different positions within the HKFU, because every part of your effort is an important cornerstone to lead us to perfect. If you have any questions, please contact me or our committee, and we are always looking forward to meeting you. Thank you.

 CC W00

Vice President

Since the beginning of the Umbrella Revolution in 2014, I learned that the aviation industry unions have once again voiced social injustice and initiated industrial actions to protect employees and their professions. I have been eager to have unions in the financial industry.

Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement” in 2019 , people with conscience not to express their political opinions because the financial industry relies too much on “Red-capital”. Over the past 10 years, Hong Kong’s financial industry over-connection with China’s business practices have made the financial industry no longer professional. 

Therefore, we established the HKFU to unite the financial industry, express their real demands to the government, speak to the injustice of the society, and maintain the professionalism of the financial industry!


 Norris Shum

Financial Secretary

「Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.」

We have the best knowledge to develop a better working culture in our industry, it is our turn to contribute more to our society. It is not uncommon to encounter injustice and unfair workplace culture in the financial industry. Therefore, I hope that everyone can join us in making the financial industry better and work together to practice a better workplace environment and culture.

 Gary Chan


Yellow_umbrellaWith over ten years of banking experience, unfair treatments are no longer new.

Working over a decade in the industry, it’s not uncommon to see unfair rewards among my colleagues. People tend to secure their own position and turn a blind eye to office brutality. I gradually realised I and my colleagues are only part of P&L of the company, our contributions over the years are hardly recognised, company is pushing harder and harder to squeeze the last bit out of us. 

I hope, as part of HKFU, we can help the industry to balance between employers and employees. May our contribution be part of the P & L, we shall have it reflected also on our rewards and returns.



Committee – Public Relation

We strive for the equality of the speech for community and the industry

We are all stakeholders of the society and have a responsibility to speak up. Break the stereotype of financiers who do not care about this city, use their professionalism to safeguard Hong Kong’s core values instead.

As a committee of HKFU, we speak up to the government and the society, and promote the government to enforce a higher level of “Labour-friendly”  policy in terms of financial, employee and governance. It is necessary for regulators to listen and take into account the opinions of practitioners.


Committee – Street Station

Hong Kong is our home. As a local, defending Hong Kong ’s core values is the responsibility of every Hong Konger . Seeing the core values of Hong Kong being eradicated piece by piece.

Only when people come out and speak what they truly think of, it defend our value.

The financial industry may only sum up the word “money” in the minds of the public. I also hope that I can use this to inform everyone that this is not the case.



Committee – Website Design

Setting up a union has never been easy, and hope that our initiative will bring more people to  join.

It’s never easy to form a union and keep it running smoothly. Your participation definitely led us to perfection!


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